Checking and adjusting the valve clearance

Step 1: before you disconnect the spark plug wires make sure to mark these and also put a mark on the distributor housing (near the cable of the 1st cylinder).
Step 2: now you have to put the number one piston in its top dead center position (TDC) of the compression stroke. To do this use a wrench to turn the cranckshaft. Turn the crankshaft until the rotor of the distributor points to your mark on its housing.
Step 3: now you can remove the camshaft cover.
Step 4: for each valve you will see a adjustment screw on the rocker arms. With the number one piston in top dead center position (TDC) you can adjust the settings of 4 valves (see photo).
Step 5: to adjust the other 4 valves you need to turn the crankshaft one complete revolution. The rotor will point in the exact opposite direction.
Step 6: to adjust the valve settings you need a feeler gauge, a wrench and a screwdriver. Use the wrench to loosen the locknut. Use the srecdriver to adjust the adjustiing screw. To check the clearance you need the feeler gauge. When you have obtained the correct setting use the wrench to tighten the locknut while holding the adjustment screw in place with the screwdriver. Be carefull not to change the valve setting while tightning the locknut.
Step 7: when all the valve settings have adjusted you can put the camshaft cover back. First clean the camshaft cover and the cylinderhead and use a new gasket. Then you can put the spark plug wires and the distributor cap back in place.